Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow: Anselm Kiefer

Before Anselm Keifer left La Ribaute, his 86 acre art studio in an abandoned silk factory in Barjack, France, Sophie Fiennes made the documentary “Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow”. This is a wonderfully inspiring movie that takes us on a tour of the property – underground tunnels, buildings, art installations, paintings, giant concrete structures, etc. We get the opportunity to see Keifer and his assistants at work on a number Keifer filmof pieces – all wonderful. Keifer built a house for each large painting where the art can “explode into the world.” We also get to eavesdrop on an interview where he describes how he created this space out of rubble and explains some of his philosophy. This is a beautifully shot movie and La Ribaute must be a wonderful place to visit. From the Internet I learned that after the theft of some iron works, Keifer packed up some 110 trucks with art work and moved them to his new gargantuan studio outside Paris. Apparently plans are underway to donate the property to the French state.This would be a really great place to see!


Author: Mary Donlan

I am a visual artist living and painting in St. Thomas, ON, Canada. This blog will be about abstract art - exhibitions I've visited, books I've read, and about my adventures with social media.

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