As seen in Montreal

During a recent trip to Montreal we visited the fabulous exhibition A Crack in Everything, a tribute to Leonard Cohen, at the Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal. What a great show – lots of clips of Cohen interviews and concerts in the company of enraptured fans. Many very interesting interpretations of Cohen’s work by contemporary, mainly video, artists. And I bought the tee shirt. We enjoyed walking around the Plateau district following the Wall2Wall Blog pic2 walking tour of amazing murals and graffiti art. We visited the Belgo building at 372 Ste Catherine ouest and its 4 floors of contemporary art galleries enjoying paintings by Michael Smith, Marie Bineau, Patricia Walton and numerous other artists as well as peeking in at yoga studios and some cool design studios. The Tourist Office couldn’t help us locate a gallery guide but we fouBlog pic4nd one – ART MLT, in the Belgo building and will go there first thing next time. We also enjoyed galerie MX, DHC/ART, and very much enjoyed an exhibition of paintings by Peter Hart at Galerie Peter W. Hart. In Old Montreal, in the evenings, there is a series of amazing video projections called Cite Memoire which truly is some of the best contemporary art I have seen. All in all, a very interesting and diverse art experience.


Carl Beam: four directions

We went to catch the Carl Beam show at the Art Gallery of Windsor on Saturday before it closed on the 22nd. I love Carl Beam’s work and it was nice to see so many works together. carl-beamWe also saw an excellent photo show by Brenda Francis Pelkey. Out of curiosity we went to see Caesar’s Casino. What a riot! We were amazed by how large it was and dazzled by all the lights. The theme song from the Godfather ran through our heads and Donald Trump was on the big screen TVs. We got a good laugh out of that. It is so cheesy that we expected to find pole dancing somewhere. What I don’t get is this, out of all the money they bilk those suckers out of, why do they buy such cheap gaudy reproductions of Italian art? Anyway, the cheesy “glamour”, the disconnect between authentic Italian classical art and the tacky stuff they use in casinos like this is worthy of an art project.