Extreme Abstraction

Book 2: Extreme Abstraction Revisited. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo has had some spectacular abstract art exhibitions. In 2005 Extreme 2012_extreme_abstraction_revisitedAbstraction took place and resulted in the book Extreme Abstraction Revisited. Extreme Abstraction showed the works of some 173 painters and sculptors from around the world and exhibited a very wide range of practice. Artists included Jean Arp, Agnes Martin, Linda Benglis, and many contemporary artists. I loved the plastic bag installation by Jim Lambie. The book concentrates on the more contemporary works. This is a colourful picture book showing installation views. Makes me really sorry I missed this show.



abstrakt abstract

Being a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, I am allowed an alumni card to borrow4118pjjiaml-_sx277_bo1204203200_ books from Weldon Library. The collection of art books at Weldon is really great – extensive and current. I love to be informed about contemporary abstract painting practice. I will use this blog to talk about the books that I have read and find informative. Book 1: abstrackt abstract. An exhibition catalogue for an international abstract art show of the same name at the Museum Moderner Kunst Karnten in 2008. Artists include Bernard Frize, Mary Heilmann, Gunther Forg, and Albert Oehlen. Excellent introductory essays, excellent photographs, good variety of practice. These artists are all seen as referencing Modernism but reshaping historical abstract art and going beyond. 

Fine Art America

I have been a member of Fine Art America since 2011. Since then I have had visitors locally from Ontario and from across Canada as well as from around the world – the UK, Italy, the US and China. Fine Art America sends members a weekly report on visitors, where they live and what work they looked at. It is very exciting to have people from all over the world curious about your work. I believe that it is a good way to attract people to my website. Today I updated the Fine Art America website to include my work from 2016.